Sharing the Lego Love



During the holidays if you spend $75 or more at any Lego store they will give you this box to fill with bricks or elements of your choice. Just bring it in from December 26-March 31. Limit one box per day. This ad was unfortunately not paid for by Lego, just thought it was a groovy deal!

Check out the Lego website for additional Cyber Monday savings.

Tis the Season, ya’ll.




, A Trustworthy and Safe Email Solution

I was so excited to have recently been given the opportunity to review The mission of, as stated on their website, “is to protect children from predators, pornography, and email from strangers. Can you put a price on the safety of your children? The dangers found on the Internet are numerous and very real. KidsEmail is one very important step in keeping your children safe while enabling them to learn about computers and technology, keep in touch with loved ones, and enjoy themselves in a safe and fun environment. We at are doing our best to provide tools for parents to protect their children at the lowest cost possible.”

In my opinion, I feel that they truly live by what they say! Here’s what I really love about their service…

  • Safety – Their #1 priority. They give protection from predators, vulgarity, viruses and spam. This allows your kids to stay connected with friends and family in a safe and trustworthy environment.
  • Informed Parenting – You can set parental controls for things like, who your kids send and receive emails to/from. As well as receive emails keeping you informed of the emails that are being sent and received. A setting where you can decide what types of images, files and attachments can be sent and received.
  • Age Appropriate Freedom – A safe way to let your kids have a little freedom using technology. This is a win/win for both parents and kids!
  • Ease of Use – Set-up is fast and simple.
  • Affordable – Month to Month for  $4.95 or $38.95 for 13 months with up to 6 email accounts. Wow, that’s only $2.99 a month!

I highly recommend that you sign up for their 30-Day FREE Trial Offer.  You can also follow them on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Great service, parental features and affordable pricing! What’s not to love?!

For the Love of Music

One of the greatest gifts that my mother has ever given me is the love for music. Music was just a part of who we were as a family. My father passed away two years ago and during that time my mother has consistently turned to music to help her through this very difficult phase of her life. So it’s no big surprise that I married a man who has the same passion and love for music as I. And I am happy to say that we are passing that love right on through to our three children.

I hope that you take a moment to watch the following video. I also hope that there is music in your life forever and ever.


Playing the Mom Card

After returning home, the other day, from having a nice early afternoon Starbucks, I sat down to check my email and Pinterest and Facebook and Pinterest and I noticed that my son’s university had posted several warnings about Tornado activity and they were advising students to seek shelter immediately. So I freak just a bit and immediately sent a text to my son but he assured me that he was safe. I said a quick prayer of thanks and whew!

Then the insurance adjuster shows up to take a look at our roof and says, “I saw your University of North Texas Mom sticker on your car. I went to UNT.”

“NO WAY!”, I said.

And then he says, “Are you watching the weather up there?” “Tornadoes everywhere.” At which I replied, “Yes, just got the OK from my son.” But something was telling me to check Facebook again and when I do it appears that all hell is breaking loose and some students don’t seem to be getting the severity of the situation. So I make an executive decision and throw down the mom card and post something like ‘as a mom watching this from miles away do as your told and take shelter…Now!’ Then a flood of parents reply with “what she said!”

Then I realized that I needed to thank the good Lord again for two reasons. One, for my son’s safety and his good sense to seek shelter. Two, that our last names were different so no one would ever be able to identify him with the crazy mom who, from many miles away, threw down on the day of the tornadoes.

A Home of Many Seasons

A spring display with a leftover candle from Valentines day because it still goes with the red and yellow tulips. It’s my way of tying together a theme. Yes, that’s it! I’m efficiently theme decorating.

But wait…It’s not Christmas anymore so why is this still displayed?…..

Although, the plant adds a nice spring touch don’t you think?

Time to seek out a decorating professional!

A Day in the Life with 64 Rolls of Toilet Paper

Ever have one of those days when in your mind you feel like Superwoman wearing Angelina’s black Oscar dress with your sexy leg hanging out knowing that you pretty much rocked your to-do list without ever even leaving a lipstick smudge on your Starbucks cup?  Only, to later realize, that your trip to Costco left you with 64 rolls of toilet tissue when your purpose of the trip was to actually get paper towels? Then, when waiting in front of your house for your kid’s school bus to arrive, the bus, with substitute driver behind the wheel, blazes by your house and you hear your daughter screaming,

“Stop, that’s my house”!

Then you automatically jump in your car and lay rubber down your driveway and race after the bus, all the while wondering if pelting the bus and driver with rolls of toilet tissue is a punishable offense. And if so, just how punishable?

Ever have one of those?