Playing the Mom Card

After returning home, the other day, from having a nice early afternoon Starbucks, I sat down to check my email and Pinterest and Facebook and Pinterest and I noticed that my son’s university had posted several warnings about Tornado activity and they were advising students to seek shelter immediately. So I freak just a bit and immediately sent a text to my son but he assured me that he was safe. I said a quick prayer of thanks and whew!

Then the insurance adjuster shows up to take a look at our roof and says, “I saw your University of North Texas Mom sticker on your car. I went to UNT.”

“NO WAY!”, I said.

And then he says, “Are you watching the weather up there?” “Tornadoes everywhere.” At which I replied, “Yes, just got the OK from my son.” But something was telling me to check Facebook again and when I do it appears that all hell is breaking loose and some students don’t seem to be getting the severity of the situation. So I make an executive decision and throw down the mom card and post something like ‘as a mom watching this from miles away do as your told and take shelter…Now!’ Then a flood of parents reply with “what she said!”

Then I realized that I needed to thank the good Lord again for two reasons. One, for my son’s safety and his good sense to seek shelter. Two, that our last names were different so no one would ever be able to identify him with the crazy mom who, from many miles away, threw down on the day of the tornadoes.

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